Jed bartlet bill clinton

West Wing Lawrence ODonnell as Jed Bartlets Father

Lawrence ODonnell plays Jed Bartlets father in this flashback scene from the Season Two cliffhanger finale, Two Cathedrals.

Usa: bill clinton on east timor independence vote

English/Nat President Clinton said he was pleased with the overwhelming vote for independence by residents of East Timor. Speaking from Camp David,...

Too Sexy Clinton

There is no Individual Mandate requirement in the Health Care bill. Republicans are lying to you.

Let everyone you care about know about this bamboozle. Lawrence ODonnell reads the actual language from the actual individual mandate section of the...

Driven: An Unauthorized Story on The Clintons (Trailer)

Professional responsibilities and public service have been the consuming passion of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, but they also maintained a private side.

Charlie Sheen to play president

POTUS at Play

As President Obama catches some R&R on Marthas Vineyard, a pictorial montage of 20th century presidents at play reveals how some of his predecessors...

The 911 Chronicles Part One Truth Rising (2008) 4/11

Usa: white house press secretary lockhart

English/Nat xfa The White House Press Secretary, Joe Lockhart, gave his last briefing on Friday. But he wasnt allowed to slip away quietly. Not only did...

Bill Nyes Debate Victory Lap on The Last Word with Lawrence ODonnell