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The Colbert Report - Yo Smartphone App

A popular mobile app simplifies text messaging by reducing communication to one word: Yo. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows...

Vessyl: The Cup That Knows Its Contents

Justin Lee and Jawbone designer Yves Behar teamed up to invent Vessyl, a smart cup equipped with sensors that can identify any beverage and track calories,...

Stephen Colbert ridicules Apple Watch launch

Colbert makes fun of the much-hyped Apple Watch and the new iPhone 6.

Truth or Truth with Stephen Colbert

Jimmy and Stephen sit down for an epic game of Truth or Truth that includes questions about the type of underwear Stephen wears, Jimmys biggest regret and...

Best Emmy Moment Ever

Best Emmy Moment Ever. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at the Emmys.

Smart Phone? Try Smart Cup.

Ever wondered what itd be like to have a smart... cup? Steve visits the headquarters of Mark One, makers of a new product called Vessyl, a cup that knows more...

The Colbert Report Sign Off - Stephens Last Election Special

Stephen shares what hes learned after hosting eight live election shows in 14 years. The Comedy Central app has full episodes of your favorite shows available...

Vessyl the smart cup , el vaso inteligente!!

vessyl the smart cup , el vaso inteligente!! El vaso que te dice que estas bebiendo y te ayuda a controlar tu hidratacion y se...

High-Tech Cup - Vessyl in Action

High-Tech Cup - Vessyl.

Vessyl Life Sucks remix

Loathsome hipsters get real-talk messages from their 200 sippy cups. Original: