Da nang air base

DaNang Air Base 68-69

Footage of Da Nang AB from Air force and Marine side. Final part is returning from R&R in Hong Kong. You see the harbor and the air base. Hope you enjoy.

Da Nang Airbase

Visit to Da Nang Airbase on July 26, 2010, one of three most severe hotspots of Agent Orange/Dioxin contamination in Vietnam.

Da Nang Air Base: Scenes From 1965-1970

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Dogpatch to Da Nang Airbase Gate Dec 2013

Take a ride in Da Nang through what used to be called Dog Patch across Highway 1 and to the mag 11 Da Nang Airbase gate.

Da Nang Air Base: Sapper & Rocket Attacks During The Vietnam War

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Da Nang Airbase Shelled, Soviet Rockets Used 1967/3/3

Da Nang air base attacked in Vietnam by 40mm rockets 7 miles away, 47 killed many from local village (partial newsreel)

Da Nang Airbase Ammo Dump Explosion

366th tfw April 27th 1969.

Military buildings, houses damaged and dead bodies at Da Nang Airbase in Vietnam. HD Stock Footage

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F-4 Phantom Departure Vietnam DaNang Air Base

Viet Nam era home video of F-4s departing DaNang Air Base.

Vietcong rocket attack on the U.S. Da Nang Airbase in Vietnam HD Stock Footage

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